Knowing the way.
Going the way.
Showing the way.

Management for hire

Provide correct expertise at the right time to reach company goals, at a low risk.

Business transformation

Improve or create new business opportunities, which contribute to profitability, growth and development.

Organisational change

Improve the companies’ ability to handle change within and outside the organisation.

Anne Rustberggard Varden recently founded the Varden Management for hire, a company which also provides consultancy services.

MBA degree, five years in consultancy and fifteen years in executive positions. This background has provided a valuable and rare combination of experience within analysis, strategy, organisational design, change management, business transformation, leadership, reporting, concept- and product development, sales and marketing, branding and project management.

Ability to see the big picture, as well as identifying and implementing profitable and required restructuring actions, have yielded solid results. Perceived as professional, clear and grounded with the ability to create extraordinary results.