Management, business transformation and change mangement

The Norwegian Biathlon Association

Anne has been leading the Norwegian Biathlon Association through a challenging transition. During the period as Secretary General she carried out the necessary financial actions to ensure sustainable operations, and she contributed to a particularly positive development within sales and marketing. During her period, the association achieved a significant increase in income from sponsors and the organisation has bonded and developed strong ties to our partners. Anne has worked systematically to achieve the company goals in all areas. Her professionalism, determination and dedication have made a significant contribution to achieving our goals.

Arne Horten
President, The Norwegian Biathlon Association

Managment, business transformation and change change

Norway Trade Fair

Anne was Commercial Director and overall responsible for developing and creating new B2B and B2C events. In this work, business transformation is a critical success factor, and this is an area where Anne is very competent. As a leader she is confident, and she is much appreciated and highly recognised by both colleagues and partners. With solid analytical skills, courage and genuine ability to get people together – Anne solves the most! I give Anne Varden my best recommendations!

Gunn Helen Hagen
CEO, Norway Trade Fair

Mangement, business tranformation and change mangement

Norefjell Ski & Spa

Danske Bank took over the ownership as a part of a major restructuring and based on experience with Varden, we considered it very important that she continued as CEO of the companies until they were sold in July 2016. The companies had a particularly difficult financial situation. This resulted in challenges related to financing as well as handling employees, operations and media. Her loyalty, work capacity and ability to create commitment amongst employees, as well as a good working environment, are qualities worth highlighting. We are very pleased with the work she has done and gives Anne Varden our warmest recommendations.

Iver Høyem
Director Central Credit Departement, Danske Bank

Management, business transformation and change management

Norefjell Ski & Spa

Anne was able to develop and implement a clear strategy for real estate development, operations, branding and sales. She identified bottlenecks with regards to maximising the income, and managed to fund and build a large congress hall. She focused on product development, yield management, introduced a more aggressive marketing strategy and expanded the sales force. She got the apartment owners on her side, and managed to turn the opinion on the mountain. She is perceived to be clear, thus responsive to others. Employees, suppliers and customers are found of her, and she has a unique ability to get everyone involved. She has a deep sense of responsibility, and she delivers 100% and on time. Anne also has a large business network.

Christian Wessel
Board member Norefjell Ski & Spa
CEO Marchfirst AS


Norefjell Ski & Spa

I worked with Anne during a few interesting years Norefjell Ski & Spa. Anne managed the seasonally large personnel with equal skill and finesse as she managed budgeting, reporting and development of the resort with both marketing-wise and technically. Annes high integrity and large amounts of energy contribute a lot to the results achieved.

Magnus Nordholm
Chairman, Deputy CEO/Head of Partners & ECM, Board member of Heimstaden

Management, business transformation, sales & marketing

Destination Geilo

Anne Varden brought lots of positive enthusiasm, energy and good competence into the position as a leader for Destination Geilo. She is hard working and is a good leader, very well qualified for most jobs where marketing, sales and working with relations are important. I can give her the best recommendations!

Birgit Haugen
Board member Destination Geilo
XPO Manager TravelXPO at Compass Fairs Norway

Management, business transformation and change management

Pers Hotell

Pers has undergone significant strategic and operational changes. Anne has played a  critical role in creating short-term results, continuously breaking revenue records. She has also created a foundation for long-term success by developing and implementing a clear market strategy with supplementing marketing plans. Her most important contribution has been clear leadership, the ability to balance short-term focus with long-term strategic thinking, and the ability to create enthusiasm and energy amongst employees.

Erik Fagerlid
Board member Pers Hotell
Partner PA Consutling Group

Management, business transformation and change management

Pers Hotell

Anne is very active and committed. She is structured and well prepared for board meetings, and she is a good facilitator. Anne was also responsible for the marketing, and she developed extensive and detailed marketing plans, which the board had the pleasure to participate in. Several records were achived during the period Anne managed the hotel.

Jan Tore Grønnlund
Board member Pers Hotell, Brainstorm DA

Business transformation, change management and project management

PA Consulting Group

Anne was employed as a Consultant Analyst and was on the basis of her work effort and good performance quickly promoted to Consultant and Principal Consultant. During her time at PA, she has been involved in a number of projects, especially within strategic analysis, restructuring, organisational development and HR. She has worked with clients in several sectors, such as telecom, finance, retail and  the pharmaceutical industry. All consultants in PA are evaluated and scored after each project they have participated in, and Anne has received very good feedback on all of her projects. She works very well in teams and has contributed positively to our corporate culture.

Thomas Kirsebom
Partner and member of management group PA Consulting 

Management and organisational change


I have had the pleasure of following Anne Varden for several years and I am impressed with the results she has achieved. Anne has many skills, a stong will and is strategic. She is  a good and motivating leader for her employees. Anne puts the customer in focus and has shown good results in change management.

Per-Arne Tuftin
Director Innovation Norway

Management and organisational change


I have co-operated with Anne in several contexts, both when she was tourism manager at Geilo and when she was director at Norefjell Ski & Spa. Anne is a solid and serious woman, at the same time as she is bubbly, charming and sympathetic. She gets things done and makes everyone around her feel good and laugh with her!

Nils Apeland 
Toastmaster Talerlisten,
Adviser Bedre Kommunikasjon/Storm Communications

Management and organisational change


As a management consultant I am impressed to see that she exemplifies how to achieve top results while creating outstanding company culture. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her workplace. Her intuition, fierce determination and vision makes her a strong leader that people trust and want to follow. Her track record and results speak for themselves. Through my one-to-one conversations with her employees, I was deeply touched to find how much they truly appreciate and respect her.

Monica Brante
Career coach and consultant, Brante Group