Interim manager Head of sales Norwa


wec360° is a Swedish PropTech company. With projects in nine countries and over 40.000 apartments connected to the platform, the company is growing and has 42 employees in Örebro, Stockholm, Oslo and Warsaw. The wec360° presentation platform combines the most prominent visualization technologies to simplify online property marketing. All in one place, on any device, on any website. 

Wec360° has been in the Norwegian market for a few years and wants to gain a higher market share. Anne is engaged to build up and lead the Norwegian sales office, in close collaboration with the CEO, located in Sweden.

Director business development


Defigo is a Norwegian PropTech company, delivering a digital intercom system, which is modern, user friendly and future oriented. The system is key less, providing valuable insight regarding access and activity in the building and has many integration options. Real-time control contributes to increased security for everyone. A cost-effective investment that can build on existing systems. Defigo is designed, developed and manufactured in Norway.

The product was commercialised two years ago, and the company wants to grow in Norway, Scandinavia and the USA. Anne is engaged to contribute to company growth, both in Norway and Scandinavia.

Consultant concept and sponsor sales

Norges Skytterforbund

The Norwegian Shooting Federation has 34.000 members, and the national shooting team with 65 athletes has several athletes that are amongst the best in the world. For Norwegian rifle shooters, the European Championship 2019 was the best championship ever with 7 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medlas. Succeeding as a shooter requires hard work, accuracy, and a long-term perspective, which are transferable to many businesses.

NSF will arrange the European Championships in 10 meter in Vikingskipet, March 2022. Anne is engaged to develop and sell sponsorship concepts for both the European Championship and the association, which contributes to increased value for partners and sponsors.